Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer Review: Is It Really The Best Online Affiliate Marketing Course?

This Legendary Marketer review dives into whether this affiliate marketing ecosystem is really the best on the internet.

The world is a turbulent place right now, but there’s never been a better time to get involved with affiliate marketing.

How would you like to be your own boss, able to work from home or from anywhere you choose?

Well, you can if you start affiliate marketing, but that’s not the best part because …

You can do this without needing your own products thanks to the leverage you enjoy marketing the products of other companies as an affiliate.

So, first thing’s first, what is Legendary Marketer and why should it demand your attention in a sea of competitors?

Legendary Marketer 101: The Basics

Legendary Marketer is a complete suite of products designed for online marketers of all abilities and disciplines.

You’ll enter the Legendary Marketer funnel through a low-ticket $1 product before you’re exposed to the 15-day business builder challenge, the first of the products we’ll highlight just below.

Legendary Marketer Review
Legendary Marketer Review

At heart, Legendary Marketer is comprised of slick, actionable video trainings. Other digital media, webinars, and masterminds round out a deep product offering. This is important because.

You’ll learn fundamentals of online marketing you can apply to practically any business using narrative-driven content, simple sales funnels, and stacked value ladders for your customers.

If you’re already past the bare basics, the affiliate program allows you to apply your existing knowledge and skills to sell low-ticket items to your audience as a Legendary Marketer affiliate.

So, there really is something for everyone here and we’ll show you what you get for your money after a quick glimpse at the driving force behind this program.

The Trust Factor: Who Is Behind Legendary Marketer?

Founder and CEO David Sharpe sprung to prominence when he co-founded Empower Network, a wildly successful but now defunct biz-opp.

Legendary Marketer Review
Legendary Marketer Review

Maybe MLM Empower Network’s demise and bankruptcy gives you cause for concern. If so, bear in mind that Sharpe left the outfit a couple years before it imploded.

If you explore Legendary Marketer’s David Sharpe he went from high school dropout to alcoholic and drug addict before reinventing himself as an online marketer.

For me, this is one of the key selling points of the program: the founder is a self-starter who has used these strategies in the trenches. Sharpe now wants to share tactics that work in a dynamic online setting ideal for those resistant to formal learning.

Check out a selection of the best Legendary Marketer products right now…

10 Legendary Marketer Products

  1. The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge
  2. Legendary Marketers Club
  3. 15-Second Free Leads
  4. Traffic University
  5. Legendary “Insider Guide” E-Book ($1.99 with free bonuses)
  6. The Copywriter’s Playbook
  7. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  8. Digital Products Business Blueprint
  9. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint
  10. Events and Masterminds Blueprint

1) The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The name of this entry-point to the Legendary Marketer says it all: learn what you need over just 15 days to start building an effective online business.

Bite-sized videos will keep you occupied for two weeks. Make sure you take plenty of notes, and also take massive action. Every course is a waste of money unless you put that knowledge into practice. How do you achieve this when you’re not sure what to do?

Well, with this challenge, you hop on a call with your allocated business adviser so you can pitch all the questions you have about maximizing your Legendary Marketer experience.

You can pick up this challenge for a one-off fee of $7. The 15-Day Business Builder Challenge can also be accessed free of charge if you enter the funnel through a front-end offer. Either way, this is a great beginner-friendly intro to the ecosystem.

2) Legendary Marketers Club

This program is unique in that you can earn recurring affiliate commissions.

How can you make this passive income a reality?

Legendary Marketer Review

First, it’s time to do the work. Work through a series of video trainings with industry names on topics from selling with stories to maxing out your YouTube channel. Valuable webinars with replays let you watch real-life marketers in action then replicate the methods they’re using in your own business.

You’ll pay $30 per month with commission paid at $9 for Basic accounts and $18 for Pro accounts for a combination of video training and live virtual events monthly.

3) 15-Second Free Leads

Tik Tok is a social platform gaining massive traction. Do you want to learn how to use this network for driving leads and making sales?

15 Second Free Leads

Priced at just $1, get a recorded demo from high-performing Tik Tok affiliates and find out what’s working on this young, vibrant social media network. Then, put it to work in your business and see if it makes a difference. All you have to lose is a dollar and the time it takes to shoot a few short video clips. Gains are potentially enormous.

4) Traffic University

If you’re starting to think Legendary Marketer is all low-ticket stuff, think again.

Traffic University will show you how to get people to see your affiliate offers by running paid traffic. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

For a one-off payment of $1497, you’ll get the following modules from AdSkills:

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • GDN (Google Display Network) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • YouTube 3.0

These same course purchased independently would run you $5000 so you’re getting an exceptional bargain if you want to gen up on paid traffic.

5) The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

You could once find a physical Legendary book. The problem is, the nature of this content is so fluid that a printed book is not the best medium.

The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Instead, pick up David Sharpe’s incisive guide going from the bare bones of affiliate marketing to efficient evergreen strategies you could use in your business today.

Priced at $1.99, this guide is a no-brainer even if you don’t opt for one of the upsells.

6) The Copywriter’s Playbook

Learning to write great copy could dramatically improve your sales if you apply those techniques to your online marketing.

Where to start, though?

Copywriters Playbook
Legendary Marketer Review

Avoid a market glutted with $5K courses that rehash the same old information. Instead, for just $1, you get 8 modules of video training giving you all the techniques you need to write simple but devastatingly effective sales copy.

7) Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

If you’ve seen Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday, I’m sure you’re wondering if this is realistically possible.

The honest answer: yes, but after putting in a serious amount of work to get to that point.

If you move beyond the 10-minute workdays or 4-hour work weeks immortalized by Settle and Ferris, the reality is that affiliate marketing, when properly executed, can provide a decent chunk of passive income.

The bad news?

You’ll need to shell out $2500 for this comprehensive series of trainings. Only you know whether you feel you would get a return on that investment or not. If so, you’re in safe hands with this blueprint.

8) Digital Products Business Blueprint

Another $2500 product, this blueprint delivers as promised. Learn how to channel your expertise and passion into audio, video, or written content and start selling courses and other digital products in line with your skill-set.

Digital Products Business Blueprint is certainly not cheap but ask yourself this…

At a time when people need online tuition and courses more than ever, can you afford not to put your idea into practice?

9) Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Are you an expert in your field looking to offer coaching, consulting, and mentoring services?

Can you readily afford $2500?

If so, learn everything from identifying your niche through creating an offer, marketing an offer then delivering and scaling that offer.

As with all products in the Legendary Marketer suite, the value you reap will depend entirely on what you do with the information.

10) Events and Masterminds Blueprint

Yet another stiff $2500 one-off payment, what do you get for your money with the Events and Masterminds Blueprint?

Well, whether it’s a live event or an ongoing mastermind, a physical event or a virtual gathering, learn all you need to know about coordinating lots of people and delivering an event that showcases your product perfectly.


Now you have a solid overview of the toolkit at your disposal if you go all-in with the Legendary Marketing crew.

We’ll now summarize the core benefits and drawbacks of Legendary Marketer so you can see whether you should further explore these courses and coaching programs.

Key Benefits of Legendary Marketer

  • Fluid program with regular updates: Fresh content is added constantly throughout the product suite. Watch out for new trainings and new offers
  • First-class affiliate backend: You get full access to the complete funnels for Legendary Marketer front-end offers. You can add these directly to a ClickFunnels account. You’ll also enjoy easy integration with email autoresponders
  • Deeply informative trainings: All types of content from written to video deliver useful, actionable information with no fluff. You’ll be exposed to many experts in the industry throughout the Legendary Marketer line
  • Responsive and helpful customer care: Should you run into any snags, Zendesk support is responsive and typically quite effective problem-solvers
  • Become an affiliate for free to start: Depending on what you want from this program, you can always start promoting products as an affiliate without paying, although commissions are lower
  • Get your own business coach: If you’ve always wanted mentoring but never got round to it, enjoy interacting with your own dedicated Legendary Marketer business coach

The Downside of Legendary Marketer

As with any products, Legendary Marketer is not flawless.

There’s a wide list of banned countries so you might find you’re out of luck.

Acceptance into the affiliate program is not straightforward from this point. You must complete the 15-Day Challenge and speak with your business adviser at least twice before applying to the program.

To benefit from the higher commission rates, you’ll need a Pro plan ($30 monthly).

Legendary Marketer: Verdict

So, now you can see a balanced view of Legendary Marketer, there are really only two questions that count:

Who Should Avoid Legendary Marketer?

If you’re looking for a quick fix or a magic bullet, these products are not for you.

More experienced online marketers will only benefit from the higher-ticker items.

Who Should Buy Legendary Marketer?

Beginners looking for a solid foundation in the basics of affiliate marketing are spoiled for choice with this line of products.

Anyone looking to do nothing but promote offers as an affiliate also has plenty to gain from joining this program.

My Recommendation For Legendary Marketer:

I’ve been a member of Legendary Marketer since 2017 and it is one course/system that I can recommend.

Get the Insider Guide eBook as a starter. For $1.99 it is a great value packed with excellent online marketing tips.

Or you can go straight for the gusto with the 15 Day Business Challenge right here.

Legendary Marketer

eBook $1.99

Really Well Done Training


Relevant Training Material


Engaged User Community


Chance Of Success



  • Low Cost Entry
  • Relevant Course Material
  • Users Are Making Good Commissions
  • Very Low Refund Rate
  • Personal Coaching Available


  • Higher priced upgrades
  • No focus on SEO strategies
  • Need To pay monthly to earn the highest affiliate commissions
  • High ticket live events are very expensive